Social and Personality Psychology Lab

Lab colloquium

In the Lab colloquium, students, PhD students and staff of the Lab discuss current research results. In the winter semester 2023 the colloquium will take place on Thursdays between 12-14 in room K.11.20 (K5) or in some exceptional cases via Zoom. The access key for the Moodle course for the colloquium, which also contains the Zoom link, can be obtained from the secretary's office by contacting Ms. Weyh.

Students who would like to present social psychology and personality psychology as part of their project work or as part of the presentation of the results of their master's thesis should also contact Ms. Weyh at the secretary's office to arrange an appointment.

Guests invited by the Social and Personality Psychology Lab to the Institute colloquium can also be found on the following schedule.

Schedule Colloquia

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