Social and Personality Psychology Lab


Research Profile 

The chair of social and personality psychology brings together scholars whose research is dedicated to the understanding of the interplay between personality and social psychological processes. Our team members hold expertise in different fields of psychology and individually explore people’s perceptions, attitudes and behaviors in the domain morality and justice-related issues. This includes studies on moral courage, emotional reactions to moral violations, moral decision making as well as interventions against at immoral actions. We study these topics at different levels of analysis including intra- and interpersonal and intra- and intergroup. Besides classical lab studies, we employ a wide range of research methods in our research undertaking: surveys, field experiments, interaction studies, game theory and more.

Chair Colloquium

Ongoing research projects in social psychology and personality psychology are discussed in the context of the regularly held chair colloquium.

Schedule (will be continuously updated)

Current third-party funded projects and cooperation partners

Personalized AI-Based Interventions Against Online Norm Violations: Behavioral Effects And Ethical Implications (Anna Baumert, Bergische Universität Wuppertal and Jens Grossklags, Technische Universität München)

Open Science Statement

We see the debate on replicability and transparency of psychological research as a great opportunity for social and personality psychology, but also for us personally, to rethink and readjust objectives, incentives and practical research procedures. In our research, we focus on theoretical acuity, ensuring reliability and validity of measurement and manipulation, sample size planning based on test power, (direct) replication, as well as so-called Open Science measures (Open Material, Scripts, Data) and pre-registration of hypotheses and confirmatory analyses.

These principles are guiding for us in teaching, for example in the context of internships, in the supervision of theses and dissertations.

They also guide us in our work at the institutional level, for example in selection committees, as reviewers or editors. We take an active part in the discussion about replicability and transparency.


German Reproducibility Network (GRN)

Netzwerk der Open Science Initiativen (NOSI)

Commitment to Research Transparency and Open Science

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