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Dr. Lisa Klümper




since 2022
Post-Doc at the Social Psychology and Personality Psychology Lab

University of Wuppertal

Doctoral student 

University of Wuppertal

Academic background

Ph.D. (Dr. rer nat.) in Psychology

University of Wuppertal

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Psychology 

University of Wuppertal

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Psychology

University of Wuppertal

Teaching experiences (2017 - today)

Lab Courses / Projects

Project Studies in Social and Personality Psychology
Practical Training in Empirical Research


Close Relationship Research
Advanced Topics in Social Cognition
Advanced Topics on Social Interaction
Advanced Topics on Personality Psychology


Bachelor Thesis Master Thesis Internships

Research interests

My research interest also focuses on human mating strategies and their impact on perception and behavior. I examine higher-order and lower-order cognitive processes for a holistic picture of different processes. Complementing my interest in the onset of intimate relationships, I am also interested in factors and processes that maintain romantic relationships. For example, in an ongoing project, I examine a layperson's knowledge of a 'good' and a 'bad' couple relationship and the factors related to using this knowledge during relationship evaluation.

I'm keen to know more about personal and contextual determinants of moral courage, which consistently predict reported and overt behavior in situations that differ in adversity. Recent projects particularly consider the role of emotions (e.g., anger), personality, and situational variables in morally courageous interventions.

Combining both research topics, I'm interested in how our social relationships, particularly our romantic partners, influence our moral experience and behavior. Focusing on bystander situations, I am interested in cases where we perceive that our partner is the agent (or victim) of a committed norm violation.


Journal-Artikel (Selection)

Klümper, L., & Sürth, S. (2021). Keep me updated! Social support as a coping strategy to reduce the perceived threat caused by the cognitive availability of COVID-19 relevant information. Current Psychology. Advanced online publication [DOI]

Klümper, L., Wühr, P., Hassebrauck, M., & Schwarz, S. (2020). Automaticity of facial attractiveness perception and sex-specific mating strategies. Cognition204, 104379. doi.org/10.1016/j.cognition.2020.104379 [DOI]

Klümper, L. & Schwarz, S. (2020). Oppression or opportunity? Sexual strategies and the perception of sexual advances. Evolutionary Psychological Science, 6, 142-153. [DOI]

Schwarz, S., Klümper, L. & Hassebrauck, M. (2020). Are sex differences in mating strategies really overrated? Sex as a dominant predictor in long-term and short-term mating strategies. Evolutionary Psychological Science, 6, 174-187. [DOI]

Schwarz, S. & Baßfeld, L. (2019). Do men help only beautiful women in social networks? Current Psychology, 38, 965-976. [DOI]

Book Chapters

Klümper, L., & Schwarz, S. (in preparation). Inwieweit ist die Personenwahrnehmung eine psychologische Adaptation? Eine evolutionspsychologische Perspektive auf die automatische Verarbeitung von Partner:innenwahl-relevanten Personenmerkmalen [Is person perception and psychological adaption? An evolutionary perspective on the automatic perception of mate choice criteria]. In M. Hammerl, S. Schwarz, & K.P. Willführ (Hrsg.). Evolutionäre Sozialwissenschaften.

Baßfeld, L. & Schwarz, S. (2018). Sexuelle Belästigung oder Chance? Wahrnehmung mehrdeutiger Verhaltensweisen am Arbeitsplatz. In C. Schwender, S. Schwarz, B. P. Lange, & A. Huckauf (Hrsg.). Geschlecht und Verhalten aus evolutionärer Perspektive. Lengerich: Pabst Science Publishers.

(Invited) Talks (Selection)

Klümper, L., Nuñez, T. R., & Schwarz, S. (2022, März). Phubbing as a threat to our fundamental needs - When smartphone use harms our well-being and our social relationships. Talk presented at the 1st Evolutionary Cyberpsychology Conference, University of Wolverhampton, UK

Klümper, L. (2022, March). It’s a match … unfortunately? The prototypes of a good and a bad romantic relationship and their role in approach-avoidance goal pursuit. Talk presented at the 64th Conference of Experimental Psychologists (Tagung experimentell-arbeitender Psychologen) in Cologne, Germany

Klümper, L. (2021, Dezember). Soziale Beziehungen als Gesundheitsfaktor – Wie unsere Beziehungen die Gesundheit gestalten können und wie wir sie fördern können [Social relationships and health – how our relationships can shape health and how to promote it]. Talk presented during the 3rd Student Health Week, University of Wuppertal, Germany

Klümper, L., Wühr, P., Hassebrauck, M. & Schwarz, S. (2021, September). An evolutionary perspective on the automatic processing of mate-choice criteria. Talk presented at the 20th MVE Conference (Menschliches Verhalten aus Evolutionärer Perspektive), in Braunschweig, Germany


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